12 May 2022

CounterCraft Launches The Service™ to Provide Deception-Powered Threat Intel

CounterCraft Launches The Service™ to Provide Deception-Powered Threat Intel

CounterCraft, the global leader in cyber deception-powered threat intelligence and active defense technology for organizations worldwide, including U.S. Department of Defense and other global defense forces, announced the launch of CounterCraft The Service™. The Service™ brings the power of deception technology to gather accurate, real-time threat intel into the hands of any size team and organization.

Alert fatigue and a lack of resources is a major roadblock for security teams, leading to 44% of alerts going uninvestigated. CounterCraft’s technology has an inherent guarantee that virtually all alerts are high fidelity, and with The Service, understaffed and overworked teams can deploy the sophisticated deception technology at a 41% reduction in cost to their organization.  

Relevant, contextualized threat intel has never been easier

CounterCraft The Service was created to provide an out-of-the-box solution to the search for threat intelligence that is both timely and relevant to an organization. CounterCraft The Service provides everything you need to quickly and easily collect relevant, adversary-generated threat intelligence threat intel powered by deception technology—all without training, ramp-up time, and recruitment of key personnel. Our experts do the work to detect and analyze attacks, collect threat intel specific to your organization, and make sure your deception campaigns, results, and applied custom threat intelligence are effectively protecting your assets.

“Our team of experts knows the product inside and out,” said Dan Brett, co-founder and CSO of CounterCraft. “With The Service, we are excited to offer maximum value by essentially adding experienced deception technology architects to the security team of any organization.” 

CounterCraft The Service includes over 250 deception environment blueprints that have been proven effective across 12 sectors. The technology is currently named as the only deception vendor in Gartner threat intel reports as well as being named a finalist in the 2021 SC Media awards for Best Deception Technology.

A safer, faster, and better option

The way The Service works is startlingly effective. Expertly created deception environments force attackers to reveal themselves during “pre-attack” phases of attack planning and reconnaissance, or during the internal lateral movement phase. The latter is a very difficult use case for most security companies.

This allows organizations to then gather real-time threat intelligence from adversaries’ activity and automatically enrich it with TTP, MITRE ATT&CK, and IOC context. From that point, they can interact directly with the adversary, in real time, to manage, delay, and deflect the attack and extract more intelligence data from the adversary.

CounterCraft The Service allows scaling and automation as needed, while allowing organizations to skip costly hiring and training processes. Compliance with new NIST 800- 160 VOL 2 and 800-172 guidelines means it is not only a powerful, but also a safe option, one that also supports zero trust architecture to detect internal and external threats.

About CounterCraft 

CounterCraft is the next generation of threat intelligence. The CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform offers active defense powered by high-interaction deception technology. CounterCraft detects threats early, collects personalized, actionable intelligence, and enables organizations to defend their valuable data in real time. Their award-winning solution, fully integrated with MITRE ATT&CK®, fits seamlessly into existing security strategies and uses powerful automation features to reduce operator workload. Founded in 2015, CounterCraft is present in London, New York, and Madrid, with R&D in San Sebastian, Spain. Learn more at

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