29 Mar 2022

Design and analyse your machines

Design and analyse your machines

PDM Analysis provides software SCORG, the only platform available on the market that offers both thermodynamic modelling and CFD. With our software, you can design, analyse and optimise screw machines.


We believe that making scarce expertise widely available is beneficial to everybody. Our webinar series was one of the examples of how we want to share the knowledge and stay connected with our users and anyone interested in the positive displacement machines world.


Webinar recordings will always be available on our website for you. Simply register and explore all webinars which we have conducted since 2020.


The latest webinar series consisted of three webinars:


Webinar 1: New features in SCORG V2022

New features in the SCORG, industry-leading grid generation and performance prediction software for positive displacement machines, are shown, e.g. Design Exploration Framework, Profile Position Check Utility, Improvements in Thermodynamic Model, NIST – REFPROP 10 Integration, Calculation of Screw Expanders, Performance Map Diagrams or Updated GT-Suite models and Optimisation.


Webinar 2: Modelling of refrigeration screw compressors and expanders

The screw compressors and expanders market is large and competitive; therefore, every slight improvement in performance and saving in energy matters. This webinar presents how new features SCORG can help with the design and analysis of these machines.


Webinar 3: Design exploration for positive displacement machines in SCORG

A major issue for designers of screw machines is to accurately and reliably evaluate a variety of design features and optimise their design based on results. This webinar will show how quickly it can be done with the Design Exploration Framework within SCORG.


Watch recordings on our website for free:

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