25 Sep 2019

Digitisation of Work Permits: Put it to good use

They wanted to provide a simpler safer culture and provide their customers with instant decisions, with fewer layers, faster responses and less bureaucracy.

Small mistakes could have big consequences. Unsafe situations and work may lead to loss of property, pollution or even personal injury. Of course, we want to avoid this as best we can. Therefore, a work permit is required for all work which has an element of risk attached, like working with dangerous equipment or dangerous substances. But, how does it work in practice? How can you make sure that all the arrangements you made in your work permit are followed in an efficient and competent way? Digitising work permits is the way to go.


Organisations increasingly choose digitisation of work permits. Professional software helps them with simplifying the writing of work permits and making information available in a consistent and centralised manner. Digitisation also simplifies the process of applications and processing work permits; it helps with the analysis of (high-risk) permits and checks on how preparatory work can be structured better. The issue and completion of work permits is all done in the software, which supports the entire process. An additional benefit is that it improves communication between all parties, from applicant right up to issuer, because it is all centralised. 

Integration is a trend

Organisations choosing a software system that includes maintenance management, like Ultimo Maintenance Management software, is certainly a growing trend. It has the advantage of having the complete equipment structure available in the system. The bonus of the integration is the direct link between work orders, both periodical and corrective, with work permits. This saves such an enormous amount of time! Work permits can be linked one-on-one to the maintenance work that has to be done.

VTTI digitises work permits

VTTI decided to digitise work permits in its maintenance management system. The creation of digitised work permits will lead to a more consistent and especially safer way of working for VTTI. Crunch time was at the end of June ‘19: the first two digitally created work permits were issued. VTTI has to generate a couple of these digital permits every day. It will help gain experience with the process, as VTTI is focusing on the simpler permit now, but they expect to continue with more complex work permits in the future.

Would you benefit as well?

Digitisation of your work permits can lead to a vast amount of benefits for your organisation. It drives standardisation, and centralisation plus directly links to maintenance management system.  Curious to know more? Or what it may mean for you? Contact Ultimo Software Solutions for more information. We will be happy to tell you more. Alternatively, please feel free to visit our stand at Maintec 2019 Stand 32

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