25 Mar 2022

EMAS Digital Potentiometers (0 - 10 Volt)

EMAS Digital Potentiometers (0 - 10 Volt)
Digital Potentiometer with 0-10V output.

Emas Electric is proud to present our innovative, Digital Potentiometer.

Gone are the days of 10x turn pots, what was really wanted was an accurately adjustable potentiometer, and EMAS now makes just that.

3x turns, 0-100% in a range of Ohm ratings.â 1K, 2k, 5k, 10k ohms.

Also available with 0- 10 volt output for digital input devices. 24volt supply, and 0-10v outputâ (K1 option)

IP65, low power, 30mm mounting hole, with high visibility digital display.

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