13 Jan 2021

Energise industry with energy harvesting sensors

Energise industry with energy harvesting sensors
DCO Systems create energy harvesting sensors for immediate use

Despite current pressures on budgets, investment in digital technology remains crucial to help business respond to future obstacles. Energy harvesting sensors are a rapidly deployed, affordable investment with low cost of ownership. Low initial costs include ready to deploy sensors with coordinated equipment connectors, adaptors and sensor fittings. Equally valuably they do not require specialised installers, extensive scheduled maintenance or installation of an energy source. Furthermore, self-powered sensors run on energy found in their surrounding environment. The ease of installation and use means that these energy harvesting sensors can be up and running quickly. 

A lack of timely information and real-time monitoring are apparent whenever machines and equipment perform below capability. Manual data gathering is time consuming and onerous. Energy harvesting sensors can provide information automatically and allow engineers to focus their time more effectively. Once installed, sensors transmit data collected to a cloud-based dashboard and can be viewed by engineers on any smart device, at any time, from anywhere. This is especially ideal for engineers overseeing multiple plants or off-site locations. The sensors do the work without the engineer needing to travel. Furthermore, energy harvesting sensors are ideal for monitoring in inaccessible locations with little infrastructure or access. In an unpredictable world, engineers need to be knowledgeable, proactive and take action to predict and prevent future issues. 

DCO's energy harvesting sensors are available to help strengthen, empower and energise manufacturing in 2021. Featuring an affordable investment, simplified installation and use, and reliable, remote monitoring capabilities, our sensors can help manufacturing navigate uncertainty and adapt more quickly. 

DCO Systems design and build sensors to monitor equipment and the software to understand the data collected. For more information, go to email: or call: 01285 359059. 

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