ERP for 2023: Embracing digitisation to build resilience and maximise performance

ERP for 2023: Embracing digitisation to build resilience and maximise performance

As businesses map out their priorities for 2023, there has never been a better time for digital transformation. In the face of global turbulence and economic uncertainty, the priority is to be agile by having full visibility of operations. At NexSys we are about to celebrate our 40-year anniversary as an ERP solution provider. This strong heritage provides us with four decades of expertise of helping our customers to benefit from the power of SYSPRO and realise their full potential.

Using technology to navigate through uncertainty for resilience

The pandemic led many companies to address digitisation for the first time as a way of dealing with changing demands on their operation. Make UK’s “Digital Skills for a Digital Manufacturing Future“ report found that within two weeks of lockdown, nearly half of manufacturers had shifted to digital working practices, with 94% having staff working from home. Of those surveyed, 91% say that they have benefitted from the adoption of new technologies, and eight in ten plan to continue using them.

That momentum for digital transformation is set to continue in 2023 and ERP systems will be at the heart of that process. Lockdowns may be behind us, but supply chain disruption, economic instability and unpredictable markets are not. Businesses need to flex and respond quickly to changing demand. Only with access to reliable real time data is that possible.

Building a digital backbone will help navigate a tricky business landscape. By accessing real time data, users can make more informed decisions. Using an industry-built centralised ERP system allows businesses to coordinate efforts and embrace automation. Exploiting technology to improve productivity, minimise waste and eliminate errors will help secure a competitive edge and boost the bottom line.

Exploiting opportunities through greater efficiencies

Increased visibility and transparency will not only help businesses respond to challenges, but also exploit opportunities. By integrating all elements of the operation to work in a more efficient and effective manner, it is possible to start gearing up for smart factories and the new industrial era. Preparing for Industry 4.0 will require users to access, monitor and interpret reliable data. It will also involve having access to a platform that can integrate disruptive technologies like robotics, AI, ML and IoT.

SYSPRO offers all this and so much more. SYSPRO 8 allows customers to embrace digitisation quickly and effectively so that they can immediately use data to maximise performance. It combines advanced functionality with a user-friendly interface and ensures that wherever you are, all the information you need is at your fingertips.

20 February marked the release of SYSPRO 8’s latest update, giving access to the very latest ERP capabilities. The platform builds on an already comprehensive toolkit for businesses to gain greater insight and drive efficiencies. Enhancements include extensions to the SYSPRO Digital Business Platform with a new Application Designer and extended custom form field capabilities. It also incorporates a new Embedded Analytics module and additional improvements to support internal operations and supply chain connectivity.

NexSys also offers customers access to additional technology that works alongside their SYSPRO system. Equator provides an integrated human resources software solution encompassing Payroll, Time and Attendance, Access Control, Real-Time Data Collection and Personnel Management. In addition, the Orchard warehouse management technology provides full visibility of stock and the purpose-built DataSwitch system integration tool standardises the flow of information between unconnected software systems.

You’re in safe hands, backed by over 40 years of customer support

NexSys will support you on all stages of your journey, helping ensure you maximise the benefits of digital transformation. That involves everything from offering free discovery sessions to ensuring smooth implementation. Our team of expert consultants will help address your pain points and be it through project manager meetings, staff engagement support or our acclaimed customer days, we deliver a first-rate client experience which puts people at the heart of ERP.

Don’t take our word for it. Here is what our customers have to say. Leicester business BPW Limited assembles axles, suspensions and transport equipment. The business began working with NexSys back in 2007 and the adoption of SYSPRO has helped it respond to changing customer demand, build its manufacturing capabilities and gear up for future growth.

BPW Limited’s IT Manager, Michelle Kazakevics says: “SYSPRO has allowed us to do a lot of customisation to meet the changing needs of our business. Having an integrated system has allowed us to track everything in real time, from the start to the end of the manufacturing process. We know what our stock is doing and where everything is. We’ve also been able to integrate SYSPRO with other internal systems so departments can share information.”

She adds: “SYSPRO has allowed us to be even more customer focused”, says Michelle. “We can now share accurate real time information, all of which is automated. Automail sends an order acknowledgement, dispatch notes and invoices. We can track the status of every customer and if a problem arises, we can respond quickly. They have end-to-end visibility of the status of their order and that gives us a competitive edge.”

Make 2023 your year for digital transformation and embrace the powers of SYSPRO ERP. Talk to NexSys to learn more about how we can help future-proof your business.

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