03 Mar 2022

Even in deep tanks, ifm senses levels precisely

Even in deep tanks, ifm senses levels precisely

With the new LW2720 radar level sensor from ifm electronic, accurately measuring the level of liquid media in large tanks and vessels is no longer a problem; this innovative sensor has a measuring accuracy of ± 2 mm at ranges up to 10 m. In addition, it is fully certified for use in hygienic areas, making it an ideal choice for food and pharmaceutical applications, including those that involve CIP and SIP operations.

The ground-breaking LW2720 measures levels using an FMCW radar-based system operating at a frequency of 80 GHz. This provides stable and accurate non-contact measurements that are unaffected by changing pressure, temperature and the presence of steam or condensates. In addition, the 80GHz operating frequency of the sensors provides a very narrow beam angle that gives a reliable level measurement even in applications where agitators, stirrers and scrapers are present.

Compact and very easy to install and commission, LW2720 radar level sensors are readily parameterised via their integral IO Link interface, which can also be used to check settings and to monitor measurements. As well as the IO Link interface, the sensors can be configured to provide either one analogue output and one switching output or two switching outputs. This wide range of output options facilitates integration with almost any type of control system.

All stainless construction and IP rating up to IP69K ensure that LW2720 sensors will provide long reliable service even in demanding environments and applications. They can be used with media over the temperature range -40 to +150 ºC, and a pressure rating of -1 to 8 bar. To complement these sensors, ifm offers an extensive range of accessories, including hygienic mounting adaptors, and pre-terminated M12 connecting cables

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