Exploiting the Power of ERP to Build Supply Chain Resilience

Exploiting the Power of ERP to Build Supply Chain Resilience

Disrupted supply chains have become a common feature of the modern manufacturing landscape. Shortage of materials, unfulfilled orders and extended lead times have a direct impact on the bottom line. During a period of economic uncertainty, businesses cannot afford the fallout of fractured supply lines, yet help is at hand.

The key to future proofing your business during turbulent times is to embrace digital transformation. NexSys is helping companies exploit SYSPRO ERP and integrating with specially selected Partner products to future proof operations.

Navigating uncertainty

Over the past few years global supply chains have been under enormous strain. Brexit brought significant disruption that was only compounded by the arrival of a global pandemic. Lockdown chaos brought home to everyone the importance of having a free flow of people, information, processes and resources. Complex supply chains are what drive the global economy and blockages bring untold consequences.

We all hoped that once Covid restrictions were lifted, the world of business could start to get back to normality. Yet we still face a myriad of disruptors. Be it the conflict in Ukraine, global chip shortage or natural disasters, supply chains are still feeling the strain.

Time for digital transformation

Manufacturers are all too aware of how component shortages, unreliable transport routes and volatile markets affect their operations. So how should businesses respond to these disruptive forces?

The answer lies in building a digital backbone and using technology to build more resilient supply chains. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, will prove key in giving manufacturers the visibility they need to build more robust systems and processes – ones that withstand the challenges ahead. An integrated system that shares real-time information with all suppliers and stakeholders is a must for helping future-proof operations.

A centralised ERP system like SYSPRO allows suppliers to interact on a single platform. It ensures the constant flow of accurate information to help identify bottlenecks and improve the reliability of delivery.

Embracing the power of SYSPRO

SYSPRO provides unrivalled insight into every nook and cranny of your operation, from production lines to inventory management. Visible and transparent operations are invariably more resilient as they allow leaders to be more agile and make informed strategic decisions.

SYSPRO’s Preferred Supplier and sourcing policy features facilitate and optimise the management of sourcing strategies for material, as well as for the recommended selection of suppliers during your purchasing cycle. By using the solution to establish and manage strategic sourcing policies, businesses can minimise purchasing risk, improve purchasing governance and reduce costs.

Giving everyone access to the right information at the right time guarantees end-to-end visibility across the entire ecosystem. SYSPRO’s comprehensive dashboards support strategic decision making and help users effectively monitor supplier performance.

When problems do arise, the supply chain has the insight and tools it needs to respond, be that identifying new sources for components, different supply routes or production processes.

We now find ourselves in a “new normal”, a volatile environment in which disruption is a given. The challenge for business is to use technology to plan ahead and build resilience.

Many businesses are building more robust supply chains to better withstand disruption and put them on a more sustainable footing. That might mean diversifying supply chains, bringing them closer to home through reshoring, or even exploring “friend shoring” – developing networks of suppliers in countries considered reliable and politically stable. Whatever the strategies, maintaining visibility and insight into all supply lines is mission critical.

Whilst dealing with the here and now, businesses also need to build supply chains that can exploit future opportunities. SYSPRO offers access to a range of disruptive technologies that hold the key to Industry 4.0. It opens the door to smart factories by providing a platform that allows businesses to maximise performance with the use of advances like robotics, AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning) and IoT (Internet of Things).

Future-proofing supply chains

At NexSys, we have spent the last four decades supporting digital transformation. Today, we help them unlock the ingenuity of SYSPRO 8 to integrate their supply chains by collecting and analysing real-time data from disparate sources.

Alongside SYSPRO, we have developed our own technology to help integrate different stakeholders and build supply chain resilience. Equator provides an integrated human resources software solution encompassing Payroll, Time and Attendance, Access Control, Real-Time Data Collection and Personnel Management. In addition, the Orchard warehouse management technology provides full visibility of stock and the purpose-built DataSwitch system integration tool standardises the flow of information between unconnected software systems.

There has never been a better time to embrace the digital age and transform your operation through the powers of ERP. Build resilience and gain a competitive edge. Talk to NexSys to learn more about how we can help build resilience across your supply chain.

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