07 Oct 2019

Faster than ever sensor replacement with the parameter server function

Faster than ever sensor replacement with the parameter server function
With the parameter server function, sensors of the same type can be replaced within seconds via the IO-Link interface.

Switching point, switching window, filter, sonic  beam width, output logic: when a new sensor is installed in a machine, a variety of parameters must be adjusted to the application. The parameter server function via the IO-Link interface is the solution for parameter exchange within seconds. This ensures maximum system availability.

The parameter data set is stored in the sensor and redundantly on the IO-Link master as well. If a sensor is replaced by a sensor of the same type, the stored parameter settings can be transferred from the IO-Link master and the new sensor is ready for action within seconds. When the sensor is replaced, this saves valuable time and ensures maximum system availability.

This function is also advantageous when commissioning new machines. Manufacturers who produce large numbers of machines only teach the sensor in once and duplicate the parameter data set from the IO-Link master via the push of a button to other sensors of the same type. Conversely, the sensor can also serve as a backup if the IO-Link master fails, so that the most current status is quickly restored.

The parameter server function is available for Baumer sensors with IO-Link, including the ultrasonic sensors U500 and UR18, optical sensors O200/O300/O500, inductive sensors IR06/08/12/18/30, as well as process sensors such as FlexFlow flow sensors, CleverLevel level switches, or the pressure sensor PP20H.

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