08 Oct 2021

Fit through everyday work thanks to EK50ML

Fit through everyday work thanks to EK50ML
Help prevent Repetitive Strain injuries
The electro-mechanical crimping pliers EK50ML are ideally suited for excellent crimping results without great effort.

Thanks to the Power Sense function, the EK50ML supports the wrists and forearm area with motorized crimping. This leads to maximum comfort and works against permanent overuse.  

Our EK50ML is designed to relieve the body. Therefore, it has a return after the work cycle is completed, engine blockage protection, and includes a one-button operating concept for controlling all tool functions. If the automatic return is not required, it can also be operated manually. Thanks to their low weight, the wrist and forearm area are also relieved. In addition, the EK50ML has powerful drive technology for fatigue-free work.  

The work area shines through the LED display and the maintenance indicator is visible if necessary. With the help of the powerful 10.8 V Li-Ion battery with charge indicator, no more work day will be tedious.    

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