08 Oct 2021

Focus: Nadella hardened telescopic guides

Focus: Nadella hardened telescopic guides
The new and improved Nadella telescopic slides in hardened steel with high load capacity and low deflection are the ideal solution for applications that require high duty cycles and continuous processes .

Now further improved with optimized internal geometries for smoother operation and made entirely of steel, with cold drawn profiles and induction hardened tracks, they are designed to handle heavy loads without compromising smoothness and reduced play .

Currently available in three sizes (28, 33 and 43), Nadella's hardened telescopic slide line includes:

  • Telescopic guides with partial extraction, with a stroke equal to 50% -70% of the installation length
  • Telescopic guides with full extension, with a stroke equal to 100% of the installation length
  • Linear guides, with one or more recirculating shoes that slide within a fixed length
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