23 Mar 2022

HEINZMANN e-drive solutions for industrial and mobility applications

The demand for emission-free machines and systems in the industry is growing very fast and technical requirements and customer specifications become more and more demanding. HEINZMANN motor products stand out for quality, reliability and strength. This creates confidence in the customer-specific application.

Whether delivering parcels and letters or precisely controlling the flow of gas to customers, a HEINZMANN drive solution is at the heart of the application

The "last mile" in particular is the biggest cost factor in urban transport logistics and poses major challenges for the courier, express and parcel industry. Due to the booming online trade, the transported volume for logistics companies is increasing at an unprecedented rate.

A sustainable solution for the future is electro-mobility, using cargo bikes and urban vehicles. CO2 emissions are reduced by 90 percent compared to diesel vehicles. This is thanks to delivery using electrically powered cargo bikes. Urban traffic is less polluting and goods are delivered to their destination 60 percent faster than with a delivery truck.

HEINZMANN presents technical solutions to the ever-increasing requirements of electric mobility with cargo bikes, the logistics and a variety of other industries and is pleased to introduce them to you:

1. Solutions for cargo bikes and electrically powered cargo vehicles

2. Solutions for larger bulk handling, agricultural and aircraft apron utilities

3. 48 up to 560 VDC drive systems for large automotive applications

4. Safe 24 VDC smart fuel valve technology and air control actuation

Visit HEINZMANN at DRIVES & CONTROLS from 5 – 7 April at Stand H32.

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