13 May 2021

IAM Annual Conference 2021 - The Climate Emergency

IAM Annual Conference 2021 - The Climate Emergency

The IAM Annual Conference 2021, our flagship event which brings the international community together to learn and share, is this year tackling the climate emergency. We want to explore how asset management can help combat the drivers of climate change (through decarbonisation efforts and energy transitions, for example), but we also want to explore how we can adapt and achieve resilience in the face of climate events and the challenges they present to organisations worldwide. 


How do we work together to tackle the climate emergency? Find out about some of the innovative partnerships and cross-sector coalitions taking place to meet regulatory controls…

What builds resilience in organisations, and how does that affect the resilience of our social communities? See how businesses are future proofing both their functions and how they serve the communities around them in the face of climate events…

How do we make smart, climate-centred investments? Case studies and models from those leading the way in making systems- and climate-centred investment decisions…

Across 3 days The IAM is hosting a variety of sessions from some of the leading thinkers in Asset Management and Climate Emergency. Join us to see, panels, speakers and workshops live and on demand book your tickets now

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