Kearney acquires OPTANO, a leading provider of AI-powered operations solutions

Kearney acquires OPTANO, a leading provider of AI-powered operations solutions

Kearney, the leading global management consulting firm, today announced that it has acquired OPTANO, a top European provider of AI-powered operations optimization solutions. Now operating as “OPTANO, a Kearney company,” OPTANO will support Kearney on operations engagements, chiefly in AI-powered end-to-end supply chain projects and large-scale operations transformations while continuing working with its existing clients.

“Kearney is the world leader in operations consulting, and adding OPTANO to the firm will enable us to maintain our position and do even more to help our clients optimize their supply chains in support of their growth, cost, resilience, and sustainability goals,” said Suketu Gandhi, global co-lead of Kearney’s operations and performance practice.

“Supporting our clients in making their operations future-proof requires AI-powered offerings. OPTANO adds just the right solutions to complement Kearney’s preeminent data and analytics capabilities for tomorrow’s operations challenges,” added Stephan Krubasik, global co-lead of Kearney analytics.

“This acquisition builds upon a four-year history of mutual partnership and achievement that has seen our two firms successfully collaborate on more than 30 Kearney client projects,” noted Dr. Marc Lakner, global co-lead of Kearney’s operations and performance practice. “Our clients have been very impressed by the joint value we have delivered them, and we are confident we will continue to do so as we look to bring our new AI-powered operations capabilities to Kearney clients worldwide.”

"Our OPTANO platform enables us to rapidly create enterprise-ready software for virtually every business and its planning puzzles,” added OPTANO managing director Dr. Ingmar Steinzen.

Leadership at Kearney and OPTANO believe that their cultures and project approaches are highly complementary. Both firms pride themselves on their ability to build transparent, open, and constructively honest relationships. Likewise, both firms are known to be highly collaborative, with the ability to work alongside clients through implementation to help them succeed and deepen the benefits of their work long after a project ends.

“Among the many benefits OPTANO brings is our adaptability to many different operations challenges,” said OPTANO managing director Dr. Jens Peter Kempkes. “From end-to-end network optimization to complex portfolio optimization to planning of transport solutions, our AI-powered solutions support clients in addressing the toughest operations challenges. All of us at OPTANO are very excited to become part of the Kearney family.”

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Since 2009, OPTANO has provided innovative AI solutions, enabling businesses to plan faster, better, and more easily. Thanks to mathematical optimization, we find the optimal solution to any problem. Our solution is customized to suit your specific needs. Whether it’s supply chain, production, or network optimization, OPTANO makes your planning process efficient, clear, and flexible. OPTANO also supports you in your strategic decisions using prescriptive analytics to provide sound recommendations for action and what-if scenarios. Visit us at and find out how we can take your planning to the next level together.

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