04 May 2022

Know Your Supply Chain - Cyber Security Demonstrator

Know Your Supply Chain - Cyber Security Demonstrator

The manufacturing sector is now the third most targeted for cyber attacks with risks only likely to broaden with increasing digitisation. The live Immersive Cyber Demonstrator won 'Best Feature Area' at the recent Exhibition News Awards 2022 and will be recreated at the show to give visitors a better understanding of the current threats, how to prepare, explore unknown areas of vulnerability and source products and services to increase cyber resilience.

Alongside the demonstrator will also be a dedicated 'Know Your Supply Chain' Cyber Security Pavilion featuring Assured Cyber Protection a global technology partner empowering organisations to protect their most valuable assets, people, and data from cyber-attacks enabling resilient and sustainable business. ACP will be exhibiting with a host of cyber partners providing the latest solutions to keep businesses secure against an increasingly dangerous and ever-evolving threat landscape.

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