06 Jun 2023

Launch of Logidot's Smart Factory Solution

Launch of Logidot's Smart Factory Solution
Logidot launches innovative Smart Factory solution to augment factory management systems with real-time spatial awareness and intelligence

Logidot, the industrial IoT company and winner of the Arco Innovation Award launches their SMART Factory solution. It combines new generation real-time location sensors based on proprietary UWB, IMU, and GPS technology with AI models for seamless indoor and outdoor asset tracking and factory process optimisation. This game-changing technology enables real-time monitoring, analysis, and optimisation of operations and resource allocation, dynamically responding to labour shortages, improving H&S, synchronisation with transport services and order prioritisation, to reduce inefficiencies, waste and costs.                 

The industry is embracing innovative digital technologies and robotics to automate operations, improve efficiency and reduce costs. However, with increasing automation, human-robot collaboration and the measurement and tracking of goods, equipment and workforce activity across operations becomes increasingly challenging. Efficient, cost-effective and safe operations require precision planning, people/assets management and agile responses to changing priorities. Transportation delays and supply-chain disruptions (such as Brexit, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine) impede scheduling and accurate resource/equipment planning, resulting in inefficiencies and waste (particularly perishable goods). With acute staff shortages and reliance on temporary agency workers (sometimes <25% of workforce), training costs are high, maintaining H&S standards, and preventing damage to stock is challenging. 


Non-systemic footprint of colleagues makes tracking individual productivity difficult and resource intensive.  >90% of factory automation is from entry to middle level, involving systems (e.g., conveyors), rather than advanced systems including automated mobile robots, robotic picking, and high-speed sortation. A key focus has been on developing functionality for activity tracking in manual and unstructured (not always repeated and predictable) operations (forklifts and pickers), understanding where and why time is wasted on unproductive workflows, dynamically responding/routing drivers/pickers in real-time, and coordinating with automation (conveyor belts or robots). 


In practice, Logidot augments an existing MES/WMS system by providing spatial awareness such as the realtime location and movement of mobile assets such as stock, vehicles, tools and robots both inside and outside the warehouse. While MES systems might have intermittent information about stock or picker location by virtue of manual barcode or RFID scans, they do not give a full picture of what is happening in a factory in real-time. Logidot features such as heatmaps, route optimisation suggestions, maintenance alerts , and live performance tracking all can help boost productivity.  Logidot is easy to install, highly accurate, and a unique solution called by the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) “the next generation of intralogistics.” 


Logidot Founder Dr. Niccolo Corsini said “Real-time location system tracking is the first step in the successful digitisation of the warehouse or factory. Logidot’s RTLS solution is frictionless and more importantly low-cost, allowing businesses to embark on the industry 4.0 transformation journey without further hesitation or delay.” 


About Logidot

Logidot combines low cost plug&play tracking sensors with a real-time intelligence platform, working as a stand-alone technology or seamlessly integrating into a warehouse or manufacturers management system giving operators and managers actionable data to continuously improve performance. Whether the needs are real-time asset tracking, safety alerts, route optimisation, performance monitoring, digital twin simulations or much more Logidot solutions help make warehouses and manufacturers smarter. To learn more about Logidot visit
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