04 Dec 2020

Launch of New Valuekeep CMMS

Valuekeep is a technological company specialized in developing and marketing maintenance and asset management software for the global market. The company has announced a new Valuekeep, a more modern, intelligent, sophisticated, and faster CMMS software.

The rise of new technologies combined with the imminent need to modernize facilities and maintenance departments has led Valuekeep to launch a new generation of cloud software, representing a disruptive evolution of its current offering.

Valuekeep software is now an intelligent and technically advanced maintenance solution designed for companies of any sector, activity, and size, which contains innovation in its DNA and follows the latest market trends. In addition to all the functional scope required of a maintenance management software, this solution provides intelligent functionalities, such as accurate insights about the actual asset condition, work order status, and availability of materials, among others. These features help maintenance departments and facilities to organize processes more intelligently. With this technological support, the software help maintenance managers make the right decisions and improve technical teams’ productivity.

Also, Valuekeep allows companies to integrate the maintenance area with any other company system, from PLCs and HMI sensors, IoT platforms, control systems, and ERPs. These integrations allow to collect and share data between the systems to automatically trigger the work based on the use of the equipment in real-time.

Another innovation of the new Valuekeep is intelligent dashboards. These highly advanced dashboards contain several performance indicators, which allow managers to access the essential maintenance metrics over time.

All these features are critical for companies looking to modernize operations and enter the digital age to remain competitive in the market.

The Valuekeep solution represents a technological leap for the company, to bring the most intelligent and intuitive software to the world of maintenance, to simplify the maintenance operations of companies. For the near future, the company plans to include Augmented Reality technologies and Predictive Maintenance strategies in the solution, which are already under development.


“Almost five years after launching Valuekeep, we have now introduced a brand new maintenance software to the market. The new solution is built on an innovative technological platform allows us to take a leap forward and be at the forefront of the maintenance management solutions of the future,”

says Luís Cadillon, Valuekeep’s Managing Director.


The company has rebranded and given a new look to its image to follow the latest software launch. Valuekeep now has a new website and a more interactive Help Center, fully integrated with a support area developed to simplify the entire customer support process.


About Valuekeep:

Valuekeep is a company dedicated to the development and marketing of maintenance management software (CMMS). The company was created in 2016 and has a team of professionals with extensive years of experience in the Information Technology and Maintenance Management sector.

With the combination of advanced technology and know-how in the maintenance field, Valuekeep’s mission is to provide the most intelligent, simple, and innovative maintenance software to make maintenance work even more manageable, faster, and agile.

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