Long lead times are forcing companies to look outside their local network…

Long lead times are forcing companies to look outside their local network…

I was recently speaking to one of our American distributors and we were chatting about the only thing everyone is currently talking about…COVID! He was telling me how COVID has created a lot of shortages in the US market and the closure of manufacturing plants means it's been more difficult to find the parts in their domestic market.

As a result of this, they are looking more to European distributors to source parts like hydraulic pumps, valves, motors etc (especially obsolete or hard to find ones!).

For a business like FluidPowerNet, shortages are great. Those times when distributors need to look for other distributors who have industrial/ mobile hydraulic components in their warehouse is exactly who our target customers are!

Our platform currently has 300 fluid power distributors trading on the site. Some are buying, some are selling, most are doing both (here is a list of bands that are currently uploaded to the site

We have 30 US distributors on the site and we can see from the quotations being sent via the platform that many of these companies are doing business with our European distributors.

The world is a different place now, it's not always just about the lowest price anymore, it's about getting the part as quickly as possible so you can keep your customers happy…we all need returning customers – especially in times like this!!

With a system that can show you multiple distributors that currently have the part you need in stock, means you have options. You are no longer stuck waiting for the 12 week lead time from the manufacturer.

If your business is in the US, and you usually stick to your local network but you are finding it more and more difficult to get the parts quick enough then consider buying from a distributor further afield (or across the pond!). And this isn't just aimed at US distributors, FPN has companies using the site from all over the world, so if lead times are a problem

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