Meet eMaint Condition Monitoring

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Meet eMaint Condition Monitoring

Vibration patterns are one of the earliest warning signs of failure for rotating machines like motors, fans, and pumps. But vibration analysis has historically been a time-consuming process that requires years of experience to master.

Now, thanks to eMaint condition monitoring, everyone from newcomers to experts can easily monitor asset health, set up automated alarms, and discover vibration trends. Your team gains the power to see machine failures coming and respond with predictive maintenance.


Gathering vibration data from Fluke wireless IIoT sensors, eMaint condition monitoring offers you tools to explore your vibration data and analyze historical FFTs, with AI recommendations guiding you to maintenance solutions. Our team is here to help, too: global industry experts from our Remote Condition Monitoring Services can ensure your program is successful and delivers ROI. Once you’re successfully capturing data, you can also use eMaint CMMS to automate work orders to trigger when asset data indicates failures – minimizing maintenance response time.



eMaint condition monitoring software revolutionizes the way businesses approach equipment maintenance. By enabling a shift from reactive to proactive maintenance, organizations can maximize uptime, optimize maintenance schedules, and extend the lifespan of critical assets.


The Benefits of eMaint Condition Monitoring

Below are just a few key ways eMaint’s new, integrated approach to condition monitoring can help improve your organization’s outcomes.

Maximize Uptime with Predictive Maintenance

eMaint’s condition monitoring software empowers organizations to shift from reactive maintenance to predictive strategies by providing real-time insights into the health and performance of critical assets. By monitoring and analyzing vibration and temperature data, the software identifies potential issues before they turn into costly breakdowns.

Once your sensors are capturing data, and eMaint Condition Monitoring is sounding alarms, you can integrate with eMaint CMMS, automating work orders to trigger when asset data indicates a fault or failure.

This proactive approach lets maintenance teams schedule work orders and repairs during planned maintenance windows, significantly reducing unplanned downtime and associated costs.

See Machine Failures Coming with Asset Monitoring Alarms

Your Fluke wireless IIoT sensors will sound the alarm when vibration levels indicate faults. And the software allows you to customize when and how you receive alerts, and under which circumstances. You can set alarms to trigger based on overall vibration levels or configure them to recognize the vibration signatures of common rotating machinery faults. eMaint condition monitoring will alert the appropriate personnel, so they can take immediate action.

Discover Trends with Simplified Vibration Monitoring and AI Analysis

eMaint condition monitoring helps you break free from traditional, limiting, low-security software. You gain access to simple, flexible data exploration, quickly navigating between sensors and assets. An intuitive interface allows you to easily filter to the data snapshots you need and drag/drop charts for comparison. You can deep-dive into cascade views of historical FFTs for more advanced analysis. Going beyond standard tools, eMaint condition monitoring also gives you access to AI analysis that recognizes more than 1,600 combinations of fault factors, and then it prescribes maintenance solutions.

Improved Resource Allocation

eMaint condition monitoring’s intelligent insights and predictive analytics help identify assets that require immediate attention and reveal the root causes of failures. This targeted approach minimizes unnecessary maintenance activities, reduces costs resulting from over-maintenance, and helps organizations achieve a more streamlined and cost-effective maintenance planning.

Connect to eMaint CMMS for Customizable Dashboards and Reporting

eMaint CMMS offers customizable dashboards and reporting features that provide users with a visual representation of their asset health and performance. With intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, users can create reports and dashboards that display condition monitoring data, uptime, work order completion rates, OEE, MTTR, and much more. These user-friendly dashboards allow maintenance teams to monitor asset health at a glance, as well as quickly identify trends or abnormalities. In addition, the software’s robust reporting capabilities allow users to effortlessly generate detailed reports, both aiding in decision-making and taking much of the pain out of regulatory audits.

CMMS Offers Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

eMaint serves as a command center for Fluke sensors, condition monitoring, and CMMS maintenance management, forming a seamless connected reliability solution. Connected reliability is a framework that combines hardware and software in a cloud-based ecosystem. You can also integrate PLC/SCADA systems, ERPs, BI platforms, and many more of your key business systems. These CMMS integrations centralize asset data, streamline workflows, and give you powerful visibility over maintenance operations.

eMaint Condition Monitoring: Simple Software, Powerful ROI

Our software equips you with the asset health data, vibration analysis tools, and AI guidance you need to make data-driven decisions that optimize your maintenance program. eMaint condition monitoring can help your business unlock its full potential to maximize uptime and strengthen reliability.

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