09 Feb 2021

Modernise your machines- the nuts and bolts of what's really going on

Modernise your machines- the nuts and bolts of what's really going on
Updating legacy equipment with new sensing capabilities can bring processes into the 21st century.

Existing plants across the UK are full of aging equipment. However, there is no need to replace working plant and equipment just to add monitoring capabilities. DCO Systems offer technology that can be easily retrofitted to existing machines and quickly customised to reflect the whole of the system. The critical components for understanding what's really happening are the sensors to collect data and the software to interpret. Modernising machines can unlock the hidden data within heat exchangers, actuators, motors, air handlers, heat recovery units, steam traps, pipework and more. 

Yet most manufacturers have a diverse plant full of machines with different capabilities, roles within the process, age and complexity. For this reason, sensors cannot be a ‘one size fits all' and those measuring a limited number of parameters only provide snapshots of the process.  

In addition to standard configurations, DCO's equipment sensors support additional plug-and-play options, allowing for extension of the number and type of physical parameters that can be monitored. For example, a monitoring solution for a control valve can be extended to measure adjacent pipework temperatures. 

Machine monitoring provides immediate and easily interpreted assessment of steam traps, heat exchangers and air handling system performance. Specifically, temperature and acoustic monitoring can detect trap failure and alert engineers of leakage. Moreover, monitoring of pressure in air systems can indicate performance loss in air handlers. For heat exchangers, real-time input and output temperatures indicate correct system operation. 

Mechanical sensing via precision vibration sensing enables monitoring of movement on fine and gross scales. Within moving systems, sensors can identify internal mechanical failures or developing problems through analysis and comparison of vibration, temperature and power consumption data. For motors and actuators, anomalies in vibration sensing and motor current signature analysis can signal faults and provide pre-failure indication of problems. 

With extended sensing capabilities, DCO's sensors capture this vital information and create a high-definition picture of the process. In addition, all the data gathered on the equipment's internal components (temperature, pressure, vibration, energy usage) become centralised within an organised, easy to understand information system. By detecting anomalies in real time, engineers can address problems before they cause havoc down the line.  

DCO Systems' sensors and software provide extensive insight on machines and equipment. Finding out what's really going on with machines can reveal new solutions and drive more informed decisions. DCO's solutions are available now and immediate. For more information, go to email: or call: 01285 359059. 

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