12 Apr 2021

OnTrak SmartLube - Remote Bearing Monitoring and Precision Lubrication from anywhere, anytime

OnTrak SmartLube - Remote Bearing Monitoring and Precision Lubrication from anywhere, anytime
OnTrak SmartLube

Over 80 percent of premature bearing failures are caused by lubrication issues. The SmartLube eliminates most of these failures by constantly monitoring bearing friction. The systems will know exactly when to lubricate and how much lubricant is needed. The SmartLube will then dispense the correct amount of lubricant.

Reaching lubrication excellence is no longer a time-consuming task – you can now lubricate your bearings remotely and from any device. And because the OnTrak SmartLube monitors the bearings' friction levels, it acts only when they need lubrication, and using the right amount of grease. Lubrication excellence was never so easy and quick.

Remote Lubrication Assistant

Watching over your bearings 24/7, notifying you when lubrication is required. When called upon, the assistant will lubricate the bearing with precision using friction as its guide and with ultrasound best practices in place to eliminate over greasing.

Bearing and Lubrication Database

Stores all of the bearing and lubrication specific details including bearing type, size, grease type, and calculated lubrication interval and quantity. ?

Automatic Documentation of Key Lubrication Insights

Calculates key lubrication insights that help improve your lubrication program. Insights like quantity of grease used, time between lubrication cycles and resulting change in friction.

Manual and Automatic Greasing Modes

With two options to remotely grease your bearings, you are in complete control of your lubrication program.

Advanced Learning

Using the bearing and lubrication data combined with the key lubrication insights, the OnTrak uses intelligent learning algorithms to learn over time the idea lubrication needs of each specific bearings.

Automatic Work Order Creation

Integrate with your existing CMMS or ERP system to automatically document that lubrication has been performed and the key insights.

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