Optimising SAP Stock Visibility with PreBilt™

Optimising SAP Stock Visibility with PreBilt™
We are delighted to be working with a new customer to deploy our mobile solution for the SAP supply chain, PreBilt™, enabling greater visibility across the goods receipt process.

The customer, a leading healthcare industry manufacturer specialising in continence care products, is currently using SAP Warehouse Management (WM) on ECC within its production facility in Denmark. The existing mobile solution has not fully realised the customer’s material management objectives for its Denmark facility, lacking the functionality to register raw materials by batch number or assign the batch number to a production order. 

PreBilt for WM will be implemented to manage end-to-end processes within the facility, including goods receipt, stock movement and stock enquiry. Our product development team will configure the solution to the customer’s specifications, enabling the warehouse team to assign a batch number to raw materials within the goods receipt process. This will ensure batch numbers are consistent throughout the supply chain journey, from raw materials to finished goods. 

We will also provide a comprehensive analytics package for the customer, which will display key real-time metrics from SAP on a live dashboard. The dashboard can then be easily configured by the customer to deliver alternative data, with thresholds set to display figures in red, amber or green to signify performance, allowing easy identification of problem areas that need attention. 

The solution boasts a user-friendly interface and is compatible across multiple device types, with an intuitive configuration toolkit so the customer can easily adjust screen layouts without further development. Although PreBilt’s ease of use means it requires little training to operate, we will provide guidance and instruction to the warehouse teams, which will also aid in onboarding new team members going forward.  

Post-delivery, our support team will work closely with the customers internal teams to ensure the solution continues to run effectively. 

Commenting on this new project, The Config Team’s head of sales, Paul Fraser, said: “We are excited to be working with this customer and introducing PreBilt for WM to help improve efficiency and visibility at this location. 

“It is great to see the solution being fully utilised and appreciated. This project will make excellent use of the wide range of functionality within PreBilt, helping the customer improve efficiency in this instance and paving the way for potential future deployments at further sites.” 

PreBilt is our rapid-deployment mobile solution that enables supply chain processes to be executed on a mobile device. Deployed in days, the intuitive user interface makes tasks quicker and easier to execute, while the direct connection to SAP ensures all data is updated in real-time for end-to-end supply chain visibility. 

For more information on PreBilt, or any of our solutions, get in touch with our SAP supply chain experts today. 

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