Prevost flagship products

The PREVOST coupling – a must have.

Thanks to their innovative design, prevoS1 quick safety couplings set new standards in the industrial sector.

Perfectly sealed, robust and with long-lasting reliability, prevoS1 quick safety couplings ensure maximum efficiency of pneumatic systems and tools. They meet productivity and safety criteria, and offer optimal return on investment.

prevoS1 safety quick couplings are available in various profiles and are compatible with most international standards.


To complete our range, meet our BRM. This metal quick release coupling is ideal for heavy duty applications and can stand up to the toughest environments. Each coupling is individually inspected before leaving the factory for a guaranteed leak free performance.


Discover the PPS (PREVOST PIPING SYSTEM) – our 100% aluminum piping system

The PREVOST PIPING SYSTEM compressed air network range is compact, lightweight and corrosive resistant with all aluminum fittings. The system's installation is quick and easy and  can be pressurized immediately.

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