16 Dec 2019


Safe, Simple & Smart = S3
Safe, Simple & Smart = S3

IDEC, the industry leader in industrial switches, has released S3 Push-In termination technology. Starting in November 2019, compatible products such as switches, relay sockets, switch mode power supplies, PLCs, safety control devises and circuit protectors will be gradually released into the market.  Push-in termination for some products may not be new, however, IDEC has been developing and adapting to market needs since their first switch contact block in 1958, and this progression into the Push-In technology shows IDEC desire to continue to be one of the market leaders for Safety and Technology. The company aims to have one of the most comprehensive portfolios of Switches, Safety, Panel and Automation products on the market utilising this technology.

With the PUSH-IN connection technology, the force on the conductor is generated by a pressure spring made of high-quality stainless steel. The spring sits in a cage and is automatically opened upon connection and only released when a release tool is used. 

With this innovative PUSH-IN technology, the amount of time spent on wiring is reduced, a recent study demonstrated a saving of up to 55% while providing a high conductor retention force and complete way of handling multiple conductor types. 

Safe and reliable connections are crucial, especially under harsh conditions, such as those encountered in the process industry and applications with high vibration. PUSH-IN technology guarantees optimal contact security and ease of handling, even in demanding applications.


YW series (22 mm industrial switch family) – this focused range delivers all of the key products for the industrial automation market including push button, illuminated push button, key and selector switch. It may deliver a cost-effective solution but never compromises on quality.

Where style is a must for product design, as well as delivering performance, you can't go wrong with the CW series (22 mm flush design industrial switch). This series is used within medical appliances, food industry and on consumer applications, where aesthetics and reliability is the key to success. 

HW series (22 mm industrial switch) – this contains IDEC's largest portfolio of switches and actuators for the industrial automation market – whether this is rotary switches, selector switches, combined rotary & push-button, 4 or 5 position selectors…… the list is endless for countless applications.

Safety controller

In human machine interface environments, IDEC's top priority is to ensure the safety of the operators and the machines. The company easy-to-set safety controller with 7 dual-channel safety inputs requires no programming to configure and now incorporated the S3 Push-In termination technology. 

FC6A (PLC series from 16 to 2064 I/O) – As one of the pioneers of micro-Programmable Logic Controllers, it is only fitting to now be one of the first to offer push-in terminals to the market. IDEC controllers still meet the highest standards for safety, flexibility and value, but now offer you the benefit of quicker positive installation. 

Relay Sockets

The SU and SJ series of relays bases (for use with the IDEC RU series of 2 & 4 pole and the RJ series of 1 & 2 pole Relays) have been completely redesigned to deliver the installer a more significant, more straightforward, and more accurate installation experience. Clear and contrasting terminal numbers on socket body reduce the likelihood of errors, and now with highly visible and contrasting release points, the quicker and easier release of the wire is possible when needed. With an integrated test point, simple troubleshooting and maintenance are possible.

IDEC ever-changing and innovation to meet the needs of its customers no matter the market.

S3 – Safe, Simple, Smart products are available through IDEC distributors across Europe and the APEM network.

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