04 May 2022

RMS teams with Sensoteq on launch of latest reliability technology

RMS teams with Sensoteq on launch of latest reliability technology

Kappa X Wireless Vibration Sensor is the newest product designed and developed by Sensoteq under the expert guidance of Research Partners, RMS. Pairing cleverly designed sensor technology with big data algorithms, the partnership is revolutionising the predictive maintenance market, by making reliability best practice accessible, affordable and easy to implement in any industrial application.


The sensor features proprietary wireless technology, a replaceable battery design and a market-leading fault detection capacity within a compact 25mm footprint, meaning it can be mounted on virtually any piece of rotating equipment in any industry.

Speaking on behalf of RMS, Technical Director, Stuart Walker, commented; “Over the past twenty years RMS has been committed to implementing plant reliability and condition monitoring improvement programs throughout the CBM industry. We run extensive training programs that include latest industry news and cutting-edge CBM products which in return provide invaluable opportunities to learn what technologies can make a huge impact for our customers. Speaking with our clients it was clear to see that there was a gap in the market for a wireless reliability sensor, which could deliver advanced detailed measurements in a continuous application.”

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