06 May 2020

ShireSystem CMMS is preventing downtime for Kingspan Insulated Panels across nine sites in six countries

Kingspan’s largest facility in Holywell, Wales, has four independent production lines that are kept in service by a team of 23 engineers, mechanics and electricians. Any breakdown of machinery can quickly create problems. The Holywell site was the first site to benefit from ShireSystem, divisional Projects Engineer, Conor Evans is rolling out the software and says: “We knew that certain parts of certain machines would fail regularly, but we had no accurate records. At Holywell the team has been using ShireSystem to track machine breakdowns and parts failures for two full years, and now has lots of data. Engineers can now go in and change parts during scheduled maintenance or downtime, before a part fails in the middle of a production run. This is the biggest cost and time saving so far, and it increases our production line availability.

Nine sites in six countries across Europe and the Middle East are now using ShireSystem. Kingspan is moving towards a company-wide capability to plan maintenance and parts replacements in advance of predictable failures to deploy engineer resources more effectively and maximise both uptime and production efficiency.

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