08 Oct 2021

Small component, big solution

Small component, big solution
The customers of TR-Electronic know exactly that the solutions they choose are durable. This applies both to the use of the extremely robust sensors in industry and to the possibility of obtaining functionally compatible replacement solutions even after years.

Sometimes it only takes a little bit to use the latest generation of encoders in existing applications. The first, compact rotary encoders for the now established 58 mm industrial standard were equipped with M8 power supply connections.

The widespread M12 connector is now also established here. Big advantage are: the manufacturer-independent availability of pre-assembled cables and possibility, to assemble connectors on site. That is why the latest generation of absolute rotary encoders from TR are also uniformly equipped with M12 connectors for the bus and supply. This also applies to the absolute rotary encoders with through hollow shafts of 27 mm (CEH80) or 50 mm (CEH110) diameter.

But what happens in a system in which cable harnesses for the first generation with M8 supply are laid?

A little helper from the range of accessories solves the connection problems elegantly:On one side, an M8 connector receives the supply voltage and forwards it pin-compatible on the other side via M12 to the latest-generation rotary encoder.

It does not matter whether it is a traditional Profibus or PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, Powerlink encoder - the mechanically robust adapter reliably connects supply lines with M8 with the M12 connector installed on the encoder side.

  • Tool-free adaptation from M8 to M12 supply
  • Use existing cable harnesses in conjunction with the latest generation of encoders
  • mechanically reliable connection solution
  • Useful helper for spare parts and retrofit
  • For all applications where a C__582 is to replace a C__58 (1st generation)
  • Also for the migration from CEH80 and CEH110 to CEH802 and CEH1102
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