24 Apr 2023

Steam Trap Inspection Basics Using Ultrasound

Steam Trap Inspection Basics Using Ultrasound
A major contributor to waste and inefficiency is leaks: both to atmosphere and through valves and steam traps. Reduce costs by fixing them.

Ultrasound technology is used by maintenance and reliability professionals around the world, and is considered to be the most versatile of any Predictive maintenance (PdM) technology. Typical applications for ultrasound include compressed air & gas leak detection, bearing inspection, motors, gearboxes, electrical inspection of energized electrical equipment, valves, hydraulic applications and steam traps.

However, when it comes to steam trap inspection, one technology alone can’t do everything. World Class maintenance and reliability programmes utilize multiple inspection technologies when it comes to inspecting the assets that they are responsible for. Visual inspection, temperature measurement, and ultrasound should all be used during a steam trap inspection route.
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