27 Sep 2021

Thinking Ahead

Thinking Ahead

At Motortronics, we appreciate that when planning a maintenance schedule, timing is of the essence to ensure that you have all the correct parts on order for when you need them.   Motortronics have included some features in our VMX-synergy™ and VMX-agility™ ranges that can help with your planning


Motortronics VMX-synergyâ„¢ and VMX-agilityâ„¢ ranges both have motor overload protection which continuously monitors to ascertain the reduction in overload levels.


We also have a unique feature of Life Event Logging which starts logging events from first start up.  This data, when collated and downloaded, can allow the user to undertake detailed analyses of the performance and equipment conditioning in an active predictive and preventative maintenance strategy to avoid unwanted breakdowns and costly downtime.


Motortronics – thinking ahead so you don't have to!

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