13 May 2021

Transmit data and power up to 100 meters with the new One Cable Solution from STOBER

Transmit data and power up to 100 meters with the new One Cable Solution from STOBER
STOBER OCS in combination with the newly developed HEIDENHAIN EnDat® 3 interface in the cable carrier: up to 50 meters without chokes.
Motion control equipment manufacturer, STOBER, has further developed its One Cable Solution (OCS) so that users can now connect motors and drive controllers at distances of up to 100m.

Designed in collaboration with encoder experts, Heidenhain, this new single cable connection means that machine builders no longer need to use two cables to power the motor and transmit encoder data. It can all be done with this one new hybrid cable from STOBER.

Countless lab tests over continuous operation have revealed that the quality of the data transmission enabled all signals to be read and evaluated flawlessly without errors in the encoder communication, even after five million cycles. The new OCS also eliminates data transmission weakness and removes the need to use an output choke up to 50m. For axes above 50m STOBER supplies a Choke.

Single Cable Connection of Motors and Controllers

STOBER's new OCS is compatible with the STOBER SC6 and SI6 drive controllers, which are suitable for powerful drive systems and highly efficient multi-axis applications. STOBER has also enhanced these two drive controllers with a new series transceiver chip, as used in Heidenhain's EnDat® 3 encoder, which makes the company the first drive specialist on the market to use the OCS in combination with this encoder solution.

The OCS is designed for use with STOBER's EZ and EZS series synchronous servo motors, which can also be combined with all STOBER gear units in direct attachment, enabling engineers to design much more compact solutions.

Consequently, customers benefit from maximum data transmission quality, full diagnosis, safety and performance, which is ideal for digital production and robotics.

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