01 Sep 2020

UE Systems launches OnTrak – Remote IIoT Bearing Monitoring System

UE Systems launches OnTrak – Remote IIoT Bearing Monitoring System

At a time when the paradigm of industrial maintenance & reliability is shifting towards the use of connected sensors, allowing for true online, constant and remote monitoring, the OnTrak solution brings exactly that.

The system works with UE System’s Ultra-Trak 750 sensors. The sensors are permanently mounted on bearings and all data collected by these sensors will be then sent to the OnTrak box. Since the box can be connected to the Internet via wi-fi, ethernet or cellular, we can then use that data collected by the sensors to monitor the condition of bearings 24/7 and remotely. We can also setup alarms for different stages (lubrication required, beginning of failure, etc.).

Since the sensors pick up ultrasonic emissions, maintenance managers will have the guarantee of getting the earlier warning of lubrication issues or failure – ultrasound is the technology that provides an earlier warning of bearing issues.

Put an end to analyzing healthy bearings

On average, 80-90% of machines run without any impending issue. In fact, the condition measurements do not provide any indication of an upcoming mechanical problem; they just confirm that the machine condition is fine.

When you have a solution in place such as the OnTrak, there’s no need anymore to waste time inspecting healthy bearings: the sensors will do all the work and only provide alarms when there is an issue. Text and email alerts can be sent based on any criteria. Pre-built alerts for lubrication, early onset of failure and critical failure come standard.

Dashboards, OnTrak Cloud and Data Integration

The optional preconfigured and fully customizable dashboards from the OnTrak Cloud lets maintenance professionals view machine and sensor data on the customizable visualization dashboard via any web browser on any device – phone, tablet, or laptop. Plus, the system is designed to give flexibility into how  data is stored and visualized. With built-in functionality supporting REST API calls over an HTTP (or HTTPS), it makes moving data into IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, AWS, PTC Thingworxs, and other platforms a breeze.

Condition Monitoring in Minutes

The OnTrak accommodates up to 16 channels and is built to scale from one system to hundreds, utilizing unique IDs and factory configuration, simply plug in, connect and data will be streaming in minutes.


The OnTrak is designed for:

  • Bearing condition monitoring
  • Identifying low speed rotating machine defects
  • Prevent Lubrication issues
  • Identify pump cavitation

With this IIoT Bearing Condition Monitoring System, unplanned downtime and lubrication issues will be a thing of the past.

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