23 Oct 2019

Valuekeep conquers the Spanish market

Valuekeep launched its business in Spain about 3 years ago and is currently operating in practically all the country, including the autonomous communities of the Balearic and Canary Islands. The company has reached an important and leading position in the Spanish territory, registering a strong growth of its client portfolio, due to a strategy based on the quality and innovation of the cloud maintenance management solution, available for web and mobile devices.

Currently, nearly 50 companies are using Valuekeep's maintenance management solution in Spain. The maintenance departments of these companies have found in Valuekeep the ideal platform for more effective management of their equipment and facilities, allowing them to reduce maintenance costs and increase the life-cycle of their most critical assets.

For Luís Cadillon, Managing Director of Valuekeep, "the company's significant growth is the result of an effective strategy that Valuekeep has been implementing for our international expansion, particularly in Spain". This solid increase in the number of clients is also due to the flexibility of Valuekeep's solutions, which allows the cloud-based system to adapt to specific companies' requirements across different industries, no matter their size or location.

“The company's significant growth is the result of an effective strategy that Valuekeep has been implementing for our international expansion, particularly in Spain"

Luís Cadillon, Managing Director of Valuekeep

Valuekeep's strategy is also based on technological innovation, but also in the introduction of an ecosystem of quality support services accessible to each client. In addition to the customer success strategy, there is also a marketing and sales plan focused on Spanish territory.

Over the course of around three years of activity, these were the main business drivers that led to the acquisition of many new customers, most of them being medium and large sized companies. Regarding the sectors, we highlight the retail (General Optica), restaurants (Goiko Grill), hospitality (Spring Hotels), metal industry (Hydracorte), agri-food industry (Copese Group), sports management (Algalia Sport), building management (Fundación María Masaveu Peterson), waste management (Biogastur), energy production & renewables (Eliantus), water treatment (SACYR Water), services (Tragsa), food production (Cafosa), amongst many others.

The versatility of the Valuekeep CMMS software allows companies of any sector to adapt the system to their needs. In the hospitality sector, for example, the possibility of inventorying assets through RFID or NFC tags with Valuekeep Mobile APP is worth mentioning. The APP feature simplifies the inventory of each asset at the location level and allows users to quickly report incidents or access work scheduled for the asset or location. In the industrial sector, the maintenance management software is very useful for monitoring and controlling all the maintenance operations - without the use of paper - which results in greater efficiency in production by easy inserting and access information and work, contributing that way for a smaller number of breakdowns.

On the other hand, in the Services Providers sector, Valuekeep offers a wide range of functionalities that improves the management of large facilities located in different geographical locations, with the possibility of viewing technicians and assets on a map view, improving the management of technical teams and their work. All this on a single cloud platform, available everywhere.

Valuekeep also participates in various events in the country, such as the Maintenance Bilbao event, which will take place in Bilbao on 4, 5 and 6 June, with the aim of showcasing the company's solutions and services portfolio, which enable all maintenance processes to be digitized and data from different sources of information to be consolidated into a single solution, providing useful indicators by turning data into insights.

For the future, finally, the company has the ambition to continue to grow and expand into other markets, with the same success that it has experienced in Spain.

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