23 Oct 2019

Valuekeep Mobile gains chat features for Android, iOS, and Win10

Valuekeep has optimized the chat feature of the Valuekeep Mobile App, which is now available for all the operating systems available on the market (Android, iOS,) and Windows 10. The chat allows all users to exchange information in real-time, in order to ease communication between maintenance teams in the field.

There is no doubt that instant messaging has transformed the way we all work. Currently, most companies have some type of group chat application, where it is possible to exchange information between teams in real-time.

Valuekeep decided to improve its mobile solution, particularly with regards to the chat feature. Now, technicians and other users can send and receive messages through a smartphone or tablet with any operating system. If a user  needs to detail a malfunction to the technician, or request additional information in real-time, they can easily do so through the chat on Valuekeep Mobile.

With Valuekeep Mobile it is also possible to register assets directly in the mobile application through NFC and RFID tags, making it easier to identify each asset in the respective location. The information is assigned to each equipment in the platform, allowing the access from any place (web or mobile version).

Available in three languages for smartphones and tablets, Valuekeep's mobile App offers all users quick and easy access to the data available in the maintenance management software, wherever they are, even in offline mode. The solution has four modules of Maintenance Request, Work Management, Work Report and Asset Management developed to meet the needs of each area in the maintenance department.

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