24 Mar 2023

Virtual Ultrasound Inspection CAT I Courses for 2023

Virtual Ultrasound Inspection CAT I Courses for 2023
Virtual Ultrasound Inspection CAT I Courses for 2021

This is a comprehensive CAT I/Level I course conducted through online courses with tests, live online instruction from UE Systems' training specialists, field work, and a final exam for certification in CAT I/Level I airborne & structure borne Ultrasound according to ISO and ASNT standards. The course is conducted through online platforms. The course duration is of 4 and half days.

These are the training sessions currently scheduled:

  • 05-09 June 2023 – Registrations Open, limited seats available

  • 20-24 November 2023 – Registrations Open

UE Systems has decades of experience in providing high-quality training for maintenance personnel, including CAT I / Level I ultrasound courses (32h courses along 4 ½ days).

During the courses, the following topics are covered:

  • Airborne/Structure Borne Ultrasound Technology
  • Leak detection, mechanical & electrical inspections
  • Compressed air leak surveys, condition-based lubrication, steam trap inspections, bearing analysis
  • How to improve asset availability and profitability
  • Reporting through specialized software
  • How to reduce and save on energy consumption

These courses are designed to be in accordance with the ISO 18436-8 (which sets the standard for condition monitoring and diagnosis of machines) and with the American Society of Non-destructive Testing (ASNT) Recommended Practice, SNT-TC-1A.

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