13 Apr 2021

Wireless Condition Monitoring

The Future of CM is Changing, you will no longer have to rely on a service engineer coming to site to capture a screenshot of data and hope that Gearbox, Motor or Roller bearing is operating under the same process conditions as it was in the months previous.

Changing process conditions whether it is a variable speed machine or due to the product in production are some of the biggest challenges CM Engineers face when diagnosing a potential fault. If our process conditions are different each time, we test it can be difficult to build up a reliable trend. It's rule 101 of any school lab test, keep test conditions consistent with few to no variables. With production taking priority it is unreasonable to expect test conditions to be consistent from month to month.

If you hire a Condition Monitoring company to monitor your critical assets on a monthly basis it is most likely that you will getting somewhere in the region of 12-24 vibration readings for the year. Often supported by periodic oil sampling, thermal imaging and various other CM techniques. While this is obviously great cover and may be the most appropriate means of monitoring for your site there are now more options available to maximise your investment to make your Condition Monitoring Programme more effective.

Wireless Sensors can be programmed to take a reading every hour or scheduled not to collect if you know your machine is going to be offline for a maintenance stop or product change. We will also continue to supplement this service with the additional CM techniques required but you can already start to see the benefits. More data means more knowledge of how your asset behaves when running different process conditions.

Benefits of Wireless Sensors:

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Live alarm alerts to an app or web-based platform
  • Email alerts straight to your phone
  • Easy to Install
  • Enhance Safety

If you think you are ready to step into the future of CM please get in touch and we would be delighted to discuss this offering with you in more detail and help you to increase machinery efficiency and reliability.

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