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The Connected Worker: No Longer A Missing Link In Industry 4.0 & Advanced Manufacturing

05 Jun 2024
Digital Transformation Solution Theatre

Industry 4.0 transformation is happening everywhere. It might be said that the missing link in these efforts historically, has been the worker. As the world around us becomes more and more connected and data-driven, companies have the potential to harness valuable information to benefit their businesses and workers, as well as integrating the now connected worker into the fabric of the smart manufacturing environments around them. The trick may be carefully selecting tech that meets objectives, and is human-centric, without squandering resources. This session will discuss how wearable sensor technology, machine learning, AI, and cloud computing are helping leaders gain insight into understanding workplace risks, while enabling productivity and efficiency gains, and optimizing the interaction between the worker and advanced manufacturing systems. Case studies from a variety of industrial environments will be examined illustrating how data from wearables has led to

work changes and process improvements, environmental hazards detected, uncovering harmful human motion/ergonomic risk, and benefiting safety culture while respecting employee privacy.

Key Takeaways:

1. How wearable technology provides a unique means of gathering relevant EHS, efficiency, and productivity data while respecting employee privacy.

2. How machine learning & AI are being used to identify high-risk trends, optimize data-driven decision making, production and efficiency, accelerate Industry 4.0 transformation, and solve issues proactively based on data gathered from wearables and sensors.

3. Case studies with findings and insights around

process improvements, environmental hazards detected, uncovering harmful human motion, and positively impacting safety culture.

Tom West, Vice President - MakuSafe Wearable Tech
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