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The Digital Backbone of Modern Manufacturing: Case Studies from ilke Homes

05 Jun 2024
Digital Transformation Theatre

In an era where efficiency and adaptability define manufacturing success, DataFlowIQ and ilke Homes Ltd demonstrate the transformative power of a digital backbone in the manufacturing industry. This presentation, led by Craig Douglas, CEO of DataFlowIQ, unveils the journey of integrating bespoke digital solutions to streamline and elevate manufacturing processes.

The journey begins with the MES Implementation, a cornerstone project that tackled visibility issues head-on, providing ilke Homes with a cloud-based platform for seamless production tracking and live integration with their existing ERP system. This leap forward eliminated manual tracking and reduced administrative overhead by over 200 hours per week, setting a new standard for operational efficiency.

Further enhancing this digital foundation, the Live Map View offered an intuitive, pictorial factory overview, enriched with real-time metrics and conditional colour coding. This innovation not only improved decision-making but was also used as a shift briefing tool and facilitated just-in-time warehouse management, proving critical in maintaining production momentum.

The culmination of these efforts is seen in the implementation of the Live View of Overdue Work, a strategic tool that illuminated hidden inefficiencies, leading to an immediate and substantial increase in production output of over 20%, virtually overnight. This breakthrough demonstrated the critical role of real-time data in achieving operational agility and competitiveness.

Through these case studies, Craig Douglas will explore the intricate process of digital transformation in manufacturing, highlighting the challenges, solutions, and remarkable outcomes achieved. Attendees will gain valuable insights into how technology can serve as the backbone of modern manufacturing, driving efficiency, transparency, and growth.

Craig Douglas, CEO - DataFlowIQ Ltd
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