SMEW 2024


Keynote Session: Digital Empowerment: Building a World-Class External Supply Chain powered by Technology

05 Jun 2024
Digital Transformation Theatre

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, manufacturing enterprises are embracing digital transformation to enhance their external supply chain networks. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, they strive not only to optimise efficiency but also to cultivate world-class supply chains capable of meeting the demands of tomorrow's market. This presentation delves into the realm of digital empowerment, exploring how technology drives the evolution of external supply chains towards global excellence. 

  • How can digitalisation enhance transparency and visibility across the entire external supply chain ecosystem? 

  • In what ways do emerging technologies such as IoT and AI revolutionise supply chain management practices? 

  • How can manufacturing companies effectively collaborate with external partners to integrate digital tools and foster innovation throughout the supply chain? 

  • What strategies can be employed to upskill existing workforce to meet the demands of digitalised supply chain environments? 

Rashitha Jayasekara, Director Digital and Technology - GSK
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