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Industrial Transformation: The Opportunity for UK Manufacturing

06 Jun 2024
Design & Innovation Theatre

Every year, the UK’s manufacturing sector successfully navigates a range of challenges to maintain a place in the global top-ten. As a nation, we have a long history of making products which are sold in markets around the world. But it is something that has never been taken for granted, and the need to adapt is the reason for survival. Whether it is adopting more sustainable approaches or developing resilience to geo-political shocks affecting both the supply chain and shipping to markets, the High Value Manufacturing Catapult has already supported thousands of businesses across the UK to make smart choices and optimise their operations.

The next phase of industrial transformation will present yet more challenges, as legally binding targets for achieving net zero emissions draw ever closer. Manufacturing doesn’t need to cost the Earth – literally or figuratively. That’s why we are working with government and industry to help industry make the right choices for the long-term success of their business.

We harness the collective experience and expertise of more than 3,500 people across our seven technical centres located on sites across the UK, to help manufacturers harness innovation and access investment to solve the problems they face. The next chapter of our work will focus on specific priority areas, including industrial sustainability, clean energy and health-related manufacturing. We’re looking not only at specific process and system challenges but also critical areas such as skills and the adoption of AI and digital technologies. An all-round view to help our industry adapt to be fitter for the future.

Lynne O'Hare, Chief Portfolio Officer - High Value Manufacturing Catapult
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