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How IONA improves robot performance and why this is essential for modern-day manufacturing

05 Jun 2024
Industrial Data & AI Theatre
Join this session as INSPHEREs COO, Craig Davey presents case studies which demonstrate how IONA has improved the performance of industrial robots including, KUKA, FANUC and ABB robots. He will illustrate the benefits these improvements can make to manufacturers within the Aerospace, Automotive and Energy sectors around the UK.

It is a technical discussion that will include real data from robot applications including welding, aerospace drilling and additive manufacturing.

The session is suitable for anyone working within robots and automation.

Automation and flexibility are crucial elements in modern manufacturing and as is well known, industrial robots have been and remain incredible tools for automating repetitive processes. 

However today, many manufactures are under pressure to deliver factories that offer more flexibility, realise Industry 4.0 aspirations, achieve higher levels of efficiency, and meet the higher accuracy quotas demanded of today. With this changing landscape, traditional off-the-shelf industrial robots do not have the contextual awareness to provide the performance and flexibility needed of modern-day manufacturing.

About IONA:
IONA is a scalable network of sensors providing metrology-grade data for industrial robots;it is permanently deployed in manufacturing environments for continuous data capture.

This exciting technology monitors the robot and the relationship between the robot and the fixture or work object that it is performing a task on, providing accurate positional awareness for robots.

IONA is a critical enabler of flexible manufacturing, adding value to the process at three key stages: Commissioning, In-Process Performance Enhancement, and 24/7 Process Monitoring.
Craig Davey, COO - INSPHERE Ltd
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