SMEW 2024


Keynote Session: Leveraging Technology to Maximise Functionality and Performance

06 Jun 2024
Fluid Power Solution Theatre

Exploring the utilisation of both new and existing technologies to boost productivity and efficiency whilst examining the role of emerging communication protocols like IO-Link in optimizing power transmission, automation, and control systems, particularly in the context of hydraulics and pneumatics.'

  • How can the integration of new technologies into manufacturing processes drive productivity improvements and operational efficiencies, ultimately enhancing overall performance?'

  • What are effective strategies for maximizing the functionality of existing technologies and equipment to extract additional value and extend their lifespan, thereby minimising the need for costly upgrades or replacements?'

  • In what ways can the IO-Link communication protocol enhance various aspects of manufacturing operations, including power transmission, automation, and control systems?'

Dale Crow, Electricity & Automation Leader - Nestle
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