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Masterclass: Sustain 8: Building the foundation for sustainable manufacturing

05 Jun 2024
Institute for Manufacturing Theatre

**Separate booking required**

For most manufacturers, working out how to meet corporate sustainability targets can seem daunting. The key is starting small and building up incremental improvements over time.

We’ll share our expertise in assisting organisations to activate and accelerate new sustainable approaches in manufacturing.

This masterclass will look at:

  • how you can find the real waste in your business – whether that be material, energy, water or something else
  • how to convert your business to driving profitable sustainable performance
  • how to get people in your business involved and onboard

This interactive workshop is free to attend but places are limited to 25 due to the format of the sessions.

Each IfM Masterclass is organised by IfM Engage at the IfM, University of Cambridge, and is free to attend as part of the Smart Factory Expo at Smart Manufacturing and Engineering Week. The IfM’s mission is to manufacture a better world through the impact of our research, education and practice activities in the manufacturing community. To support this objective, we are only accepting bookings from manufacturing and technology organisations for the Masterclasses - we will not be accepting bookings from consultants.

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Duncan Hurlstone, Industrial Associate - IfM Engage, University of Cambridge
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