SMEW 2024


PDM Analysis Ltd, the creator and distributor of software SCORG for design and analysis of superior screw compressors and expanders.

05 Jun 2024
Air-Tech Solution Theatre

PDM Analysis Ltd is the creator of software SCORG for design and analysis of screw compressors and expanders for future energy systems. The software is used by most of leading OEMs in air and vacuum technologies, hydrogen compression, refrigeration, air conditioning, high temperature heat pumps, oil and gas and process industries. In the talk we will present benefits of using software SCORG and opportunities for companies when developing or using compressor systems with screw compressors.

How can SCORG help developing superior air and vacuum screw compressors, Demonstration of SCORG, Support and help in using SCORG

Ahmed Kovacevic, Reseach Chair in Compressor Technology - City, University of London
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