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How you can revolutionise your performance by leveraging a Formula 1 derived approach

05 Jun 2024
Industrial Data & AI Theatre

How can learning from the world of Formula 1 revolutionise and deliver lasting change in industry? How can tools and techniques honed on the racetrack yield a 60% improvement in change-over time, deliver over £3m of cost savings in a year, reduce production failures by more than half, whilst delivering a 10x return on investment. PurpleSector will show how, through our decades of experience at the pinnacle of motorsport we are now helping to transform Manufacturing organisations, from start-ups to large multinationals, across the globe.

A purple sector represents the moment in motor racing when a driver steers their car through a defined section of track to record the fastest time, demonstrating a higher level of performance than the competition. Our journey stared during the Covid pandemic when PurpleSector used its digital tool set to support the delivery of 23 years’ worth of ventilators in just 12 weeks. Since then, PurpleSector has honed its tools and approach, working with clients to deliver business imperatives via a digitally led end-to-end process. Working across all project phases, PurpleSector demonstrates how the pragmatic use of Industry 4.0 thinking in partnership with an F1 approach can make an impact in days and weeks rather than months and years.

In our presentation PurpleSector will demonstrate how to deploy tools and techniques derived from Formula 1 to drive performance:

Insights - Capturing the right data, undertaking analysis to build understanding, taking action to solve problems,

Optimise - Harnessing real-time digital twins to maximise performance of today’s assets,

Transform - Utilise rapid digital development to realise a step change for tomorrow.

We will share examples showing our impact, and how an F1 approach can make you go faster.

Mark Ireland, Manufacturing Technology Director - PurpleSector
Nawaz Sumar, Chief Engineer – Data, Simulation & Modelling - PurpleSector
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