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Why it's a good time to start your digital PdM approach

06 Jun 2024
Maintenance Theatre
Why is it a good time to start your digitalized Predictive Maintenance approach?

We are fully immersed in the 4.0 hype. Stating;Industry 4.0 feels like a hype and therefore partly has a negative connotation.

Various suppliers are queuing up with their 'smart sensors', but which ones really bring added value? 

During this presentation, a positive aspect of this hype is highlighted. What happens when a Reliability meets an engineer and Data Analyst. We also take a closer look at the successes, challenges and opportunities for the market. For example, what are the success criteria? We are going to define and specify these criteria in four simple steps.

In the end one simple question remains: why should we start with implementing this TODAY?

Today we notice a momentum that the maintenance and reliability community can use to take important steps.
Pieter Van Camp, CCO - I-care Group
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