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People are more digital at home than at work. The Digital Paradox.

05 Jun 2024
Digital Transformation Theatre

Many companies have embraced digital, but they are disappointed by the speed of adoption leading to a shortfall in the expected sustainable KPI results and P&L impact.

A different approach is clearly needed, but how should companies define and deliver this challenging journey? Are there any examples of what should be followed and what should be avoided?

We would like to share our successful value and human centric journey that is working very well in many of our clients, starting with our collaboration with Mondelez.

One of the winning principles is to avoid the Digital Paradox, where we are typically much more digital at home than we are in the workplace. Our people are super digital, so how do we liberate this energy in our companies, create value and make the workplace an exciting place to be?

Luca Stoppino, Executive Vice President West Europe expert in Value Chain E2E Transformation and Performance Breakthrough - EFESO Management Consultants
Slavomir Pudis, Senior Director Supply Chain Excellence - Mondelez Europe
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