SMEW 2024


Maximise the Impact of Machinery and Asset Health Software

06 Jun 2024
Maintenance Theatre

As today’s operations grow in complexity, they can experience equally complex problems that threaten performance – but how can you quickly identify and resolve issues while keeping an eye on profitability? In this session, you’ll learn how Emerson and AspenTech’s comprehensive reliability solutions can utilise a centralised data management system to compile various data sources to make smarter decisions.

Paying close attention to industry dynamics, the most important trends impacting our users fit into two categories: demographics and technology evolution, Emerson's innovative portfolio channels a vision of Boundless Automation, that helps businesses drive operational reliability through a comprehensive portfolio of software, technology and expertise for automation assets, rotating machinery, and fixed equipment.

The Emerson portfolio of pervasive sensing and data acquisition solutions enables monitoring of a physical world of machinery and final control elements, where once gathered in the field, is captured and contextualized at the edge where it’s aggregated, converted, calculated and visualized empowering decision-making through predictive analytics and anomaly detection.

Together, Emerson and AspenTech can provide a solution that delivers better decisions from edge to enterprise – from sensors on the plant floor to the boardroom – across the lifecycle of your facility. Discover how Emerson and AspenTech can utilise your industrial data from multiple sources like AMS Device Manager, AMS Machine Works and Aspen Mtell® to drive better results using prescriptive maintenance—powered by AI and machine learning—and unlock the value and productivity lying uncaptured in assets.

Sergio Barros, Field Sales Consultant - Emerson
Hamza Malik, Software Sales Executive - Emerson
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