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Key learnings from private cellular network early adopters in manufacturing

06 Jun 2024
IIoT and Connectivity Theatre

As manufacturers continue their digital transformation journey, the landscape has only become more complex, and technology is advancing faster than ever. Given the need for ever-increasing amounts of information to be communicated faster, with greater reliably and more securely, manufacturers are pushing the limits of traditional OT and IT communication infrastructures. However, for early adopters, private 5G cellular networks are playing an increasing role in accelerating transformation by delivering faster data speeds, lower latency, expanded device connectivity, enhanced security and superior coverage. According to recent IndustryWeek and Ericsson research, eighteen percent of manufactures have implemented private cellular networks in a systemic or isolated way. These early adopters are expecting private 5G cellular networks to help improve their operations, increase their security and accelerate their digital transformation journey. So, what can be learned from these projects? in this session, an expert panel will explore real-word examples of private cellular network full-scale factory deployments. They'll discuss how these manufacturers enabled 5G successfully and overcame the challenges they experienced along the way. Finally, they'll provide an update around the maturing 5G ecosystem and how its maturity will make future implementations simpler.

Jan Diekmann, Technical Account Manager - Ericsson
David Hart, Manufacturing Practice Leader - Ericsson
Alex Wang, Senior Sales Engagement & Sales Operations Manager - Ericsson
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