SMEW 2024


Unlock smart manufacturing potential and production improvements with IoT and 5G private networks

06 Jun 2024
IIoT and Connectivity Theatre

Smart factories are the future of manufacturing. They combine technologies, like cloud computing, AI and edge, and standard processes to innovate how factories operate. The benefits of this transformation include improving asset reliability, maximizing production rate, enhancing worker safety among others. Today, manufacturers have a wide array of use cases and technology enablers to build smart factories with. Much of the current focus has been around the adoption of internal private wireless networks to enable autonomous robotics, enhance video services, deploy augmented reality, improve monitoring and tracking, deliver real-time automation, and improve hazard and maintenance sensing. This is not surprising because private 5G networks can generate a significant return on investment for these types of cases, in a short period of time. For example, Ericsson's smart factory in Lewisville, Texas, which opened in 2020, is seeing 120 percent improvement in output per FTE, 75 percent lead-time reduction and 50 percent reduction in inventory. However, unlocking additional value in manufacturing processes will require the transformation of adjacent areas like warehousing, materials management and supply chain management-necessitating an increased focus on loT systems. In this session, industry experts will explore how these systems, built with 5G technology, can optimize these adjacent opportunities and maximize smart factory investments.

David Hart, Manufacturing Practice Leader - Ericsson
Jan Diekmann, Technical Account Manager - Ericsson
Bobby Christie, Enterprise Account Director - Ericsson
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