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Enabling smart factories with 5G-driven computer vision – A case study

05 Jun 2024
IIoT and Connectivity Theatre

Automotive component manufacturer, Hitachi Astemo, is continually exploring innovative solutions to help its customers improve quality, efficiency, and productivity. The company’s research and engineering teams wanted to explore potential use cases for 5G technology in the manufacturing industry and engaged Ericsson and AWS to collaborate in that effort. After identifying several potential use cases for 5G-enabled machine vision, Hitachi, Ericsson, and AWS set up a trial of a model private 5G wireless infrastructure at Hitachi Astemo’s manufacturing plant in Kentucky.

Leveraging Ericsson 5G radios, AWS edge-to-cloud technologies, and Hitachi video analytics, the trial determined that 5G provides stable, reliable connectivity for manufacturing use cases leveraging AI and ML models. The trial also showed that a 5G infrastructure with edge and cloud technologies could scale effectively across multiple global manufacturing sites quickly and cost-effectively.

In this session, we’ll explore the journey Hitachi, Ericsson and AWS went through to demonstrate how defects can be detected earlier in the assembly process for greater quality assurance and the potential for significant cost savings by reducing waste.

Alan Minney, Global Lead Strategic Partnerships, Enterprise & Emerging Business - Ericsson
Sudhanshu Gaur, Vice President of R&D, Hitachi America and Chief Architect - Hitachi Astemo Americas
Vish Kolur, Senior Director , Manufacturing Solutions - Ericsson
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